Are you filled with this wonderful desire to become bilingual in Arabic, but you lack the motivation to start and go through with your linguistic goal?

And you may ask yourself: “But how do you get motivated to learn Arabic?“.


You see, it’s always the same thing, isn’t it?

Well, look…

Are you perhaps tired of feeling trapped in this painful cycle of always postponing until the next day and procrastinating endlessly?

And are you, perhaps, also tired of beating yourself up for this lack of motivation and bowing under the weight of the guilt of not of not succeeding in achieving your dream of learning the language of the Arab-Muslim civilisation?

And more still, perhaps you even feel disgusted with constantly abandoning your goal of learning the language of the Qur’an and nipping your sparkling dreams of the East in the bud again, and again, and again?

Yes, but…


What if things could be drastically different for you?

Well, look…

Imagine how you will feel if you tell yourself that you can make all your splendid dreams of mastering the Arabic language come true…

And even better…:

Imagine all those language skills that you could achieve if you had the power to pour out energy, even when you thought you didn’t have it.

And even better still…:

Imagine knowing the secret recipe for your own unique and personal magic elixir, which allows you to tap into your unexplored internal resources to persevere, like a brave warrior, and triumph over the inevitable obstacles that litter your way to becoming an Arabic speaker and finally knowing how to read, write and speak the language of Ishmael with the ease of a native of the Arab world.

What an epic feeling, don’t you think?

And yet…

I bet you don’t really believe this can happen to you. And you say to yourself, maybe, that’s a little too good to be true, right? This is why this article is for you.


You see, in this article, you are going to discover a deep and effective secret that will allow you to be motivated to learn the Arabic language, as well as maintain your motivation even when it’s difficult.

And that’s not all:

Through this article, you will also benefit from a multitude of effective tips and practical advice on the pitfalls to avoid in order to know how to be motivated to learn Arabic, and to no longer have the feeling of failing in your willingness to study this living language.

And better still:

You will also be able to reap the maximum benefits from a hands-on exercise that will give you the fantastic opportunity to discover what your massive leverage of motivation are because you are unique, just like every human being. This means that your motivational leverage is not the same as those of another standard or dialect Arabic learner. That is why this article has been designed to provide you with the opportunity to have a unique reflection and personalised answers on how to hind the motivation to learn the liturgical language of Islam.

In short…

This article is heavy artillery for the more daring.

So, are you ready for this epic adventure?

Come on…

Let’s go!

1. Understand the Secret of Motivation to Know How to Be Motivated to Learn Arabic

1.1. The Deep and Effective Secret of Motivation

You see, there is a deep secret which is the beating heart of your motivation to learn the language of the Arab-Muslim civilisation.

And so…

You are going to find this secret simple, and yet, it is the most formidable because that is probably the reason why you have not yet reached your language goal of mastering Arabic until now. 


That deep secret is this:

You see, your motivation is the result of a powerful “why”.  And a powerful “why” is why it is essential for you to learn the exquisite liturgical language of Islam because you might be wondering why you continue to painfully postpone your learning adventure, even though you feel a real desire to learn Arabic.

And you see, the reason is surprisingly simple:

Your reasons for learning this Semitic language are not powerful enough to fuel your motivation, and make it pulsate vigorously through your veins because it’s just a matter of contrast, meaning, when you’re not taking action, you’re more comfortable staying put than embarking on this epic language adventure. And as long as that’s the case, your motivation will be like the flickering flame of a candle that goes out at the slightest twitch, leaving only a wisp of smoke, dull and miserable. That’s why it’s important for you to build your powerful “why” to be motivated to learn Arabic in the long run, and to achieve your language goal.

You see?

It’s a bit like the genesis of this sumptuous tree…


1.2. Your Motivation is Like the Story of the Genesis of This Sumptuous Tree(+ Inspirational Ideas to Be Drawn from It)

Here is the reason…

Your motivation is like this sumptuously colossal tree which rises from deep roots which draw water and mineral salts from Mother Earth to irrigate thirsty branches with raw sap and give leaves firm, colourful flowers and juicy fruit. And like those deep roots which pulsate the delicious nectar of life in this sumptuous tree, your powerful “why” pulses your delicious motivation through your veins to bring your sumptuous plans to life. This is why it is essential for you to build your powerful “why” to be motivated to learn Arabic in the long run, and to achieve your language goals.

Because, look…

You have within you all the resources necessary to learn the language of the Qur’an, and to soon dive with dazzling ease into captivating conversations, worthy of the Arabian Nights, with a native of the Middle East, and who knows? You might be seated on the summer terrace of a café by the Nile, sipping a mild tea with aromas of fresh mint, if you feel like it.

Because listen…

In your opinion, what would be all the new possibilities that could open up for you when you are able to read, write and speak the Arabic language with ease…? Imagine…yes, just imagine how you will feel when you finally reach your goal of bilingualism in Arabic…? 

Yes… Imagine…

You feel that incredible sensation, don’t you? You breathe it in completely, this intoxicating sensation of soaring, free, above splendid green mountains as far as the eye can see, where you can see the crystalline blue of those vast lakes, peaceful and sunny, sparkling here and there, it’s magically sensational, isn’t it?

And so…

There is wonderful news for you in this whole story!


You see, your motivation is not doomed to remain like a candle flame, weak and flickering because the fact that you are reading these words means that you are not completely satisfied with your results in Arabic. And you got those results because of your current level of motivation, right? That’s why, it’s essential for you to build your powerful “why” now in order to be motivated to learn Arabic in the long run, and to achieve your language goal. This is because when you build your powerful “why”, you will transform your motivation into a majestic blazing fire, burning and relentless, which will reduce to ashes the obstacles that stand in your way of becoming an accomplished Arabic speaker! And that is extremely magnificent, isn’t it?

Yes, but…

Tree. Candle. Fire.

I bet you are saying to yourself, it is, admittedly, metaphorically beautiful, but that you are neither a fruit tree nor a burning candle! And you may be wondering, what does it actually look like in everyday life, this dazzling motivation, burning and relentless, that you can obtain by building your powerful “why” …

And you’re right!

Here are two funny and simple examples to illustrate the power of motivation generated by a powerful “why”.

1.3. Two Simple Examples to Illustrate the Power of Motivation generated by a Powerful “Why”

It’s very simple and fast….

Imagine that your alarm clock goes off at 5a.m. and you are totally exhausted because you went to bed very late after a hard day. See, you’re probably going to turn off your alarm clock before you dive deep into your soft, cottony sleep. And that’s when all of a sudden you hear a voice say “Get up! There is a red and hairy tarantula and it’s right next to your cheek!” What a horrible, horrible nightmare!


And with one leap, you’re already across the room wide awake and alert.

And it’s pretty funny…

Because look…

That tarantula was your powerful “why” here because that was a strong enough reason to motivate you to take action, even when you thought you ran out of resources and energy to move on. And hold on tight, the same goes for learning Arabic. This is why it is essential for you to build your powerful “why” to be motivated to learn Arabic in the long run, and to achieve your language goal. As you now know, your powerful “why” is the beating heart of your motivation. And it is this, your motivation, that will push you to take action to bring to life your dream of mastering Modern Standard Arabic or Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian, Egyptian or Syrian-Lebanese Arabic dialects.


This is what your powerful “why” will allow you to accomplish, among others:

  • You are going to be able to burst forth with energy, even when you thought you had no more.
  • You will be able to tap into your unexplored internal resources to persevere, like a brave warrior, in the face of the inevitable obstacles to achieving your goal of learning the language of Ishmael.

Yes, but…

This all seems perhaps really extreme and too much of an exaggeration, doesn’t it? And the answer is yes, maybe. Or maybe not. But, you see, the story with the big red and hairy tarantula is just to make you realise the colossal weight of your powerful “why” on your motivation to study Arabic. And that is real, true and palpable.


One last rather funny example:

You see, you may have already postponed cleaning your office, for example, until the next day and then the day after. And that’s funny because imagine, one morning, you see a slew of flies swirling around the room. Imagine this situation…see, what are you doing at this time? Well, you’re probably starting to clean up, because you’re probably thinking, “No, really, that’s too much! It’s not acceptable anymore!” This means, with these flies, you have passed the threshold of what is acceptable to you, and your “why” has become powerful enough to push you into action because this situation has radically turned around at this precise moment, and you now have more ease cleaning than doing nothing.

And hold on tight, …

It’s funny because look at what you actually did – well, you’ve taken action!

And better still:  

You’ve found the time, energy, and resources to get on with the job and clean your desk, even though you thought you didn’t have the time, resources and energy to get the job done at this precise moment. This is why your powerful “why” is a great ally in your learning Arabic. And it’s also a great asset for getting started in the Arabic language and learning Arabic on your own, as well as learning Arabic easily and quickly or whatever your other goals are.

And actually, …

You see, the purpose of this part was to make you realise the importance of your “why” power because it is only after you have deeply realised the importance of working on your powerful “why” that you will be motivated to build, precisely, your powerful “why”. And this is how you can get the most out of this formidable tool to complete your Arabic learning project without giving up.

And actually…

You see, how do you build this powerful “why”? And what are the pitfalls to avoid in order to get the maximum benefit from this formidable tool for studying a foreign language?

You will discover complete and practical answers in the rest of this article.

So, are you motivated?

Let’s go!

2. Correctly Choose Your Objective in Order to Find the Motivation to Learn the Language of the Qur’an (+ the Pitfalls to Avoid)

2.1. The Importance of You Choosing Your Goal Correctly to Be Motivated

You see, it’s important for you to choose your goal the right way to stay motivated for the long haul, and not give up along the way because skipping this step is a common mistake. And it’s one of the first pitfalls to avoid in your journey of building your powerful “why” to be motivated to learn the language of Ishmael.


You see, if you have a hard time doing something and it holds up over time, it doesn’t have to be a motivation issue that you have. It might just be a matter of whether you’ve come to the right place, which means, to know if you have chosen your goal correctly. And that means that you’ve chosen a passionate goal that inspires you intrinsically and naturally. That’s why your demotivation isn’t necessarily a motivational issue deep down. Thus, it’s important for you to be aware of this possibility early on. Otherwise, you might be running straight to the wall without realising it. And that’s dangerous, don’t you think? 

Hold on tight…

Did you know that…

Your demotivation to learn Arabic is a gift? It is indeed, because your demotivation is a powerful compass that shows you your way in the marvellous complexity of life. You see, this is a sign to make you aware that something is wrong. And in doing so, your demotivation is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow.

That’s because…

 This is what your demotivation may be trying to tell you:

  • You are heading towards the wrong goal,
  • You are doing things for the wrong reasons,
  • You are approaching your goal the wrong way.

That’s interesting but, rather abstract, isn’t it?

Well, you’re right!

So, here’s a pretty simple and concrete example to illustrate all these ideas and find the wisdom behind them…

2.2. A Concrete Example to Find the Wisdom behind Your Demotivation


Imagine that you have a neighbour who has a beautiful vegetable garden. What do you say if I ask you if you want to have the same sublime vegetable garden as your neighbour?


Do you see this vegetable garden with its very delicious, juicy, sweet, red strawberries from March? Or its organic and round zucchini with tender flesh, which you pick with your own hands while the heat of the sun gently caresses your skin?

I bet you’re going to tell me, “Yes, I want this vegetable patch!’.

Yes, but…

You see, what do you say now if I ask you if you are willing to put in energy every day, several hours, to maintain this vegetable garden, and achieve this result?

And you’ll notice that this is where it gets interesting!


You might say, “No, I don’t want to put energy into this vegetable patch every day”, which simply means that deep down, having a fabulous vegetable garden is something much less important to you than to your neighbour.

And better still…

In reality, having a vegetable garden is just not something that inspires you, excites you and blows you away. And what follows is a natural consequence: you will lack motivation for this goal.

Except… Here’s the catch… 

I bet you’ve already made this fatal mistake because we’ve all done it before. And that fatal mistake is flogging yourself for that lack of motivation, or telling yourself you’ve got a problem, when, in fact, you don’t!

You see, having a lavish vegetable garden was just a bad goal for you. The vegetable garden is your neighbour’s vocation – not yours, right? This is why it is important to determine if you have chosen your goal correctly in order to find the motivation to reach it. And that goes for any kind of project you have, including learning Arabic.

Look, you are unique, and your path is exceptionally unique, in your image. Except, like everyone else, you weren’t born with a manual showing you your way. That’s because you discover your path and you adjust your trajectory as you experience life. And that’s part of the great game of life, and the fabulous human adventure. Pretty funny, isn’t it?

And so…

I bet you’ve figured out now where I’m going with this, haven’t you?

You now understand that your demotivation is a gift, and it whispers words of wisdom to you…

2.3. Words of Wisdom that Your Demotivation Whispers to You… (+ the Trap to Avoid)

You see…

Your demotivation is a subtle growl from the depths of your being that whispers to you not to run behind a dream that is not yours and to not betray yourself.

And better still…

You understand that your demotivation is also a daring invitation to look at yourself straight in the heart and straight in the soul…And in doing so, it is an opportunity that is offered to you to get back to basics by asking yourself good questions:

  • “Am I chasing this goal because it’s something I really want?”
  • “Am I doing it to please my father, my mother, or someone else?”
  • “Am I doing it under the pretext that it is good to do it because it is socially well regarded?”

Do you see?

Now you understand that there are plenty of bad reasons to pursue a goal and there are also plenty of bad goals to pursue, right? That’s why it’s important for you to ask yourself the right questions for your Arabic learning project. Is learning the language of the Arab-Muslim civilisation something you really want? Does it really inspire you? If not, listen…life is wonderfully short… And do you really imagine yourself treating yourself like a workhorse, beating yourself down in a deceptive hope that these self-lacerations would allow you to achieve a goal that doesn’t even inspire you deep down?

Whereas, look…

You could be the hero of an epic life, an epic life that drives you, like a fiery steed, in pursuit of a legendary dream that is yours. This is so much more exhilarating, isn’t it?

Therefore it is important for you to determine if you have correctly chosen your goal to build your powerful ”why”, and to find the motivation to reach your goal with passion and enthusiasm.

But beware…

There is a common trap to keep in mind before making a decision…

Here’s the trap to avoid:

The trap is to conclude at the slightest demotivation that the problem is that the goal does not inspire you, and then give up. You see, you can also feel demotivated or not completely motivated because you are not approaching your goal in the right way, which means that becoming bilingual in Arabic may be something that inspires you deep down, but the way you approach this project does not motivate you. This is why you may feel that urge to learn the language of the Qur’an, but you keep procrastinating. 

And there is an effective solution that you will discover in a few moments…

In a few moments, you will understand how to build your powerful “why” by discovering the secret of how your brain works and applying that secret through a hands-on exercise.

And as a bonus, this practical exercise will offer you the keys to discovering what really motivates you and to have more clarity on your motivational leverage. And that is something exceptional because you will be able to benefit from it in many aspects of your life, beyond learning a foreign language.

Isn’t that awesome?

So, are you ready to take action?

Let’s go!

3. Build Your Powerful “Why” through a Simple and Dreadfully Effective Exercise

3.1. Your Brain’s Secret to Building Your Powerful “Why” to Find Inspiration

You see, the secret to building your powerful “why” in order to be motivated for the long haul is to make emotional connections between your goal and what is really important to you.

Yes, but… “Emotional connection and all that…”, what does it look like in reality?

Well, here’s a simple and funny example:

Imagine being brutally attacked by your neighbour’s tiny chihuahua. And, because this 13cm tall little wildling is as stubborn as it is mischievous, you are already in your fifth stroke in just a few days. I think you’ll agree that that’s painful, right? But look, that’s also interesting because here’s what’s going to happen: you’re probably going to be afraid of chihuahuas as a result of these traumatic experiences, or at least you will develop a strong apprehension for these little four-legged animals because your brain has created the following funny emotional connection: “chihuahua = attack”, “chihuahua = pain”, “chihuahua = danger. That’s interesting, don’t you think? This association created by your brain is not rational, but it is simply a powerful emotional connection that has the capacity to govern your behaviour. 

Did you know that…

Your brain is a fantastic machine for making connections between your neurons when they are activated at the same time? That’s amazing, right? In fact, in the example that you read above, the neurons which correspond to “chihuahua” and “pain” ignited at the same time to give rise to the emotional bond “chihuahua = pain”. And better still: the more these neurons activate simultaneously, the more the emotional connection “chihuahua = pain” will be anchored and strong. The end result is simple: this emotional connection will influence and motivate your behaviour since you will start to avoid chihuahuas from that day forward.

And that’s awfully fascinating, don’t you think?

But there is even better…:

Now that you have understood this wonderful aspect of how your brain works, you are going to be able to use it as a massive leverage to build your powerful “why”, and therefore fuel your motivation to learn the wonderful Arabic language. Now, that is bringing out the heavy artillery!

And so, …

Now you have understood the secret to building your powerful “why” in order to be motivated in the long run is to make emotional connections between your goal of becoming an Arabic speaker and what is really important to you.


Here is an example to show you the trick that will allow you to make emotional connections between your language goal and what is important to you.…

3.2. An Example Illustrating How to Make Emotional Links between Your Language Goal and What Is Really Important to You.…


Suppose your goal is to learn the Arabic language, whereas your children are what is most important to you. Well, there is little chance that you will be fully motivated to learn the language of the Qur’an and be able to persevere in your efforts to achieve your goal – no mystery there. And do you know why?

Here’s the reason:

Learning Arabic is going to take time, energy and resources that you could have allocated to your children. And the time you have set for yourself to learn Arabic will quickly turn into more time for your children. This is because your reasons for learning this modern language are not strong enough. That’s why the secret to building your powerful “why” to be motivated for the long haul is to make emotional connections between your goal and what is really important to you.

And here’s the trick:

The trick is to ask yourself the following question: “Why is the fact that I learn Arabic essential for my children?

And here are some examples of possible answers:

  • To learn Arabic = positively impact your children
  • To learn Arabic = to be an inspiring role model for your children to teach them that anything is possible
  • To learn Arabic = to be a model of perseverance for your children to teach them to outdo themselves and achieve their goals
  • To learn Arabic = to be able to pass on Arabic to your children to give them the opportunity to reconnect with their roots, heritage and culture.
  • To learn Arabic = to be able to pass on Islam to your children by having direct access to the Qur’an and the original texts.

And so…

Perhaps you recognise yourself in these answers? But you see, the main thing is to ask yourself this question and to come up with your own answers because nothing will be more motivating for you than your own answers which are related to you and your own story.

Hold on tight…

Do you realise what you are doing when asking yourself the question “Why is it essential for me to learn Arabic for my children”? Well, you are teaching your brain to see and make emotional connections between your goal (to learn Arabic) and what is important to you (your children)!

That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

That’s because…

You see, I bet if you’re in the same situation as the chosen example, your motivation to learn Arabic has increased wonderfully, right?

And surely…

You understand that when you have a hard time taking action and you don’t feel completely motivated, it’s because you don’t see enough emotional connections between your project and what inspires you deep down.

Well, look…

You’ve just seen, through this example, an illustration of the method of building your powerful “why”. So, it’s your turn to play now, and build your powerful “why” through a simple, practical exercise

So, are you ready?

Let’s go!

3.3. The Simple and Impressively Effective Exercise to Build Your Powerful “Why” and Discover Your Motivational Leverage

You see, the exercise is simple, but incredibly effective. You have to ask yourself the following question:

Why is it essential for me to learn Arabic? Why is it essential for me to achieve this goal?

But be careful…

Here are some practical tips to get the most out of this exercise:

  • Ask yourself this question in different aspects of your life. This means: “Why is it essential for you to learn Arabic for your children? Your parents? Your family? Your finances? Your professional life? Your self-esteem?” The more you bond emotionally with different aspects of your life, the more powerful your “why” will be, and the more powerful your motivation to learn Arabic will be!
  • Ask yourself the dreaded variations of this question, meaning: “What are the benefits and the pleasure that you will experience when you have achieved your goal of learning the language of Arab-Muslim civilisation?” and “what is the price and the suffering that you will experience if you never achieve your dream of becoming bilingual in Arabic?”
  • Exaggerate the emotions when answering these questions. That’s because the goal is to feel the necessary inspiration (pleasure) or necessary desperation (pain) to build your powerful “why”, and find rock-solid motivation.
  • Make a list of 100 “whys”. That’s right – 100 reasons because usually, in this exercise, the first reasons that come to mind are the most superficial. And it’s by making a list of 100 reasons that after a while you will start to type the hard, deep and powerful ones. And that’s also how you’ll really understand what really motivates you, even if you weren’t necessarily aware of it beforehand.  
  • Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers because it’s about trusting yourself, not judging or pressuring yourself. So let it come as it is, and accept it.
  • Take the time you need to do this exercise. You won’t have the answer in a snap. And that’s normal because some people take 30 minutes one day, then 30 minutes the next day, and the next day to build their powerful “why”, and discover the secret and personalised recipe for their motivation. 

Yes, but…

You may be wondering: how do you know if you have done this exercise well? 

Here’s the answer:

At some point you’re going to start to feel strong emotions and get gutsy if you take this exercise seriously. That’s when you’ll know you’ve discovered your secret – you’re powerful “why”.; what really motivates you. And that is the secret recipe for your magical elixir!

You remember?

That magical elixir, unique and personal, which allows you to tap into your unexplored internal resources to persevere, like a brave warrior, and triumph over the inevitable obstacles that litter your way to becoming an Arabic speaker and finally know how to read, write and speak the language of Ishmael with the ease of a native of the Arab world.

And you can take the time you need to get the maximum benefit from this article because it gives you the opportunity to have a unique reflection, and personalised answers on how to find the motivation to learn the liturgical language of Islam.

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us in the comments:

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